BTS is On A Roll!

I might have been the most outdated Kpop fan ever, because I only knew BTS’s good musics since nearly the end of 2017. I remember watching their music video Boy In Luv few years ago and I instantly hated them for the scene of harassing a school girl. (Yes I was super-concern about this until now).

But as time goes, I accidentally listen to their song “Not Today”. It was a compelling song for me, the melody. I started to look for the meaning and I like it! Apparently almost all of their songs are talking about concerns in the life of young people nowadays, not like other Kpop singers/band who mostly talk about sweet love.

And I believe I am very outdated when I only found out 6 months after that they got Billboard’s Top Social Artist Award (Justin Bieber used to win this award for 6 years in a row, before BTS broke the record). Well, that sure made me even more curious about this KPop group.

I recommend listening to BTS’s songs if you need a mood booster, especially the ones with catchy melody and composition that lift your spirits up like “Fire”, “Not Today”, “Go Go”, “Boyz with Fun”, “Blood, Sweat and Tears”, “DNA”, Or if you need a slow-music break, they have “Just One Day”.

No need to understand the lyrics in the first time.



Saya ingin berbagi musik yang saya dengarkan ketika dalam perjalanan kemanapun. Salah satunya adalah lagu Monokrom dari Tulus.

Langit dan Laut (Banda Neira)

Pernah kecanduan satu lagu?

Saya sering begitu. Waktu ke Karimunjawa kemarin (10-16 Juli 2016), entah kenapa lagu ini jadi soundtrack setiap hari di kepala saya, didendangkan, dan sempat bikin teman seperjalanan bete minta ganti lagu. Singkat cerita, usahanya gagal. Sayapun juga gagal move on dari lagu ini.


Langit dan laut
Dan hal-hal yang tak kita bicarakan
Biar jadi rahasia
Menyublim ke udara
Hirup dan sesakkan jiwa