Halo. Hi!

We are siblings, Chaty and Azka.

We want to share our experiences here in this site.

‘Halo’ simply means ‘hi’ or ‘hello’, a common word to greet people; while ‘Sabtu’ means Saturday. So ‘halosabtu‘ means we would greet you in the weekend. Because weekend is practically the best time to talk with friends, having a break from stressful routine life and reflect many things in our life.

We want to write this blog with hope that you enjoy reading stories in this blog, as we do enjoy writing them.

TRAVELSTORY contains categorized posts based on location and theme (culture and nature).
In TRAVELOGUE you can find posts categorized based on its content variation such as tips, music, or photo, all related to travelling.

Our main language is Bahasa Indonesia. For learning purpose and an expectation that this blog will be read by people all over the world (optimism!), we will sometimes use English. We really hope you can leave some comments about our site in CONTACT form or directly in each post.

Enjoy reading, have a nice day, and wish you have a good life ahead!